And they shouted “More! More!”

It was impossible for them not to have fun.

The IT students of PUP Santa Rosa gathered for something they initially thought was already old-fashioned and the Mozilla Philippine team proved it wrong by rocking their world with awesome and inspiring talks — from Free Software principles to Mozilla mission, community involvement and benefits to expanding professional network, and web development techniques to never-been-heard translation efforts. They seem to love everything about what the speakers had shared, add to that, the surprise of receiving cool stuffs that automatically made them advocates — Firefox ID laces, button pins, pens and shiny stickers.

Raffle prizes were also given. Lucky folks received USB drives, headset, mouse and free domain subscriptions for a year just for asking a question or answering one. Imagine the fun!

Their lovely professor appreciates the awesomeness of the event, the soundness of the purpose and the mission that she extended the invitation to the team to do another event next time in the main campus. Most assuredly she noted that the event wouldn’t be the last but the beginning of a good partnership between the team and the university.

Yes, we’re pretty much excited as more events are lined up giving us more opportunities to spread the word and recruit passionate volunteers.

To Mozilla Philippines, keep up the awesome work!

To PUP Santa Rosa students, we also enjoyed our time with you and we hope to see you again. Be sure to catch the latest happenings at the Mozilla Philippines website.

And to you readers, check out the photos and the links of the event. Who knows? Your school might be the next to hear about Mozilla Firefox.



3 thoughts on “And they shouted “More! More!”

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