From Z to A: Mozilla Philippines starts visiting its community members beginning in Zamboanga

A few weeks ago, Gervin and I together with two Mozilla Reps flew 480 miles down south to Zamboanga City to meet with the Mozilla community members there. Led by RJ Ian Sevilla, who organized an event at E-Learning Center, a mixed group of students and professionals from different colleges in the city learned about the Mozilla’s advocacy, the projects and some exciting activities from Eusebio “Jun” Barrun Jr. and Robert “Bob” Reyes.

Jun, the Mozilla PH’s community manager, gave an overview of the project as well as the ReMo program while Bob shared the Firefox localization efforts and the much awaited Boot to Gecko project. I, on the other hand, grabbed the opportunity to encourage young people how to “beef up” their professional experience by getting involved in various Mozilla projects and local/global open source communities.

After the meetup, the team headed to a Spanish-inspired restaurant for lunch where the food was delicious and worth giving another taste. We then visited a local museum and shrine in the city and learned about our Zamboangan friend’s culture.

This is the beginning of awesomely adventurous MozTours around the country and I would definitely spare time for more of this.

To the organizers and volunteers, hats up to you! You did the job well. Mucias gracias amigos!

To fellow Mozilla Reps, hop in with us for ride next time!

To you readers, how about a high five for Mozilla!


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